AiRMOUR drone, Source: City of Helsinki

Helsinki to test the role of electric drones in emergency care services in 2023

Helsinki to test the role of electric drones in emergency care services in 2023

This is a part of the EU-funded AiRMOUR project

On 12 May, the City of Helsinki announced that it will test the use of drones in emergency care services from Spring 2023. These tests fall under the international AiRMOUR project for which the European Commission has provided nearly EUR 6 million.

This EU-funded project seeks to find new solutions to Urban Air Mobility (UAM) through research and innovation. Taking this further, AiRMOUR focuses on the creation of an airspace that is secure, quiet, accessible, and environmentally friendly.

The benefits of electric drones in emergency care services

In cooperation with Helsinki University Hospital, the Finnish capital will test electric drones for the transport of emergency care personnel, equipment, and supplies. The tests which will be carried out in the spring of 2023 seek to find new modes of transport which will facilitate and accelerate emergency care services.

“Transporting people with autonomous aircraft is not yet commonplace, but it is worth starting to prepare for this in the forefront. In this way, the benefits can be seized as soon as technology and legislation mature,” noted the coordinator of the AiRMOUR project Petri Mononen in a press release by the City of Helsinki.

Mononen further shared that electric drones are quicker and can start faster than engine-powered helicopters. These seconds or minutes could be the difference between life and death, Mononen explains. In other words, using drones can ensure a better survival forecast for patients in critical conditions.

During the development of this project, hospital districts will work with rescue and aviation authorities to come up with ways which will allow the seamless integration of the drones into the emergency service chain.

The municipality reports that the location of the experiments has not yet been determined; however, the city’s archipelago is one of the possible testing sites. Finally, it is important to note that electric drones will also be tested in Luxembourg, Norway, Germany, and the UAE in the spring of 2023.



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