Heraklion will upgrade its existing playgrounds, Source: Heraklion Municipality on Facebook

Heraklion to modernise its public spaces with EUR 6.5 million

Heraklion to modernise its public spaces with EUR 6.5 million

It will upgrade its existing playgrounds and create new opportunities for outdoor recreational activities

On 18 January, the Greek Municipality of Heraklion announced that it will invest EUR 6.5 million to revitalise its existing playgrounds and create new outdoor spaces for recreational activities. Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, cities worldwide have increased their efforts to modernise their public areas, ensuring that residents who are afraid of gathering indoors can safely exercise and relax in open spaces. 

Expanding on this, the municipality shared that the investment would help it develop quality public areas and green spaces that will be easily accessible for the residents of all districts. The total area that Heraklion hopes to modernise is 19,016 square metres.

Promoting movement and exercise

According to a press release, Heraklion will upgrade 4 existing playgrounds (located on Efodou-West Walls Street, Georgiadi Park, Vardaxi Park and Parthenonos Street). Aside from this, the municipality envisions the development of 4 new playgrounds in Parking Viglas (Former Amusement Park), near Vitouri and Jesus Bastions, Mesabelies, and the area of Nea Fortetsa.

In addition to improving the public spaces where children play, Heraklion will create new opportunities for adults to exercise. More specifically, it will install 5 outdoor sports facilities with fitness equipment and 4 multisport courts where residents can play football, basketball, tennis, and volleyball, among others. 

Lastly, the investment will also be put towards the creation of a skate park for BMX bikes and skateboards. Commenting on the municipality’s plans, Mayor of Heraklion Vassilis Lambrinos shared:  

"The Municipality of Heraklion constantly plans and promotes projects and actions that fill the gaps recorded in public areas and green spaces every neighbourhood of the city and in all settlements […] For us, sustainable and balanced development is a strategic priority."



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