Historic train ride connects Slovakia’s Kosice to nearby archaeological museum

Historic train ride connects Slovakia’s Kosice to nearby archaeological museum

The route's historic carriages were renovated with the help of local volunteers who made them fit for travel

Citizens and visitors of Slovakia’s Kosice can now make use of the latest attraction unveiled by authorities – a nostalgic train ride that takes you straight to the nearby open-air archaeological museum of Nižná Myšľa.

Bringing history to citizens

One of the project’s goals was to embrace history to the fullest by employing the oldest possible train carriages to run on the new line. The ones that were chosen were first built prior to WW2 and were used in the postwar years. After some refurbishing by local volunteers they were made perfectly fit to operate on the new line and now constitute a vital part of the historic experience.

The trains can be boarded from Kosice and they take you straight to the Nižná Myšľa open-air archaeological museum. The site itself received major upgrades earlier this year, turning one of the most important archeological finds in Europe into an even more coveted tourist attraction.

The project that upgraded the Nižná Myšľa site saw the creation of a replica sacrificial altar that makes up a part of the overall goal of the open-air museum – namely showcasing the life and rituals of those who lived thousands of years ago during the Bronze Age. The museum also offers an educational trail as well as numerous other recreated and renovated points of interest (walls, houses, kitchens, etc.)  from the village that once stood on this location.

The historic train ride is currently operating on a trial basis with each carriage boasting a capacity of 48 passengers. The tests started on 15 September and will end on 17 October. Should they prove successful and attractive for locals and visitors, they will take a more permanent shape and the operators will continue to offer the service – perhaps once per month.



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