A homeless person receiving their COVID vaccine, Source: City of Prague

Homeless individuals in Prague gain access to COVID vaccines

Homeless individuals in Prague gain access to COVID vaccines

They will be given single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccines

Today, the majority of cities and countries are concerned with the percentage of people who have been vaccinated. As such, many administrations and governments have launched campaigns and initiatives to encourage citizens to take the COVID-19 vaccine and help prevent the spread of the virus.

Although many have taken such actions, few have paid attention to the homeless people who do not have access to healthcare services. On 13 July, the Czech capital launched a project to help this vulnerable group of individuals and provide them with the medical care they need and deserve.

More specifically, the City of Prague has collaborated with the Salvation Army and other organisations to vaccinate those who sleep outdoors and do not use the social services provided by the capital. Councillor for Social Policy and Healthcare Milena Johnová commented on this, noting:

"In cooperation with field services, we cater to these people and mobile vaccination teams can start actively offering vaccinations right where these people are staying. I am glad that the Ministry of Health has finally agreed that vaccinating homeless people will help protect their fragile health and at the same time contribute to the overall higher vaccination coverage of the population of Prague.”

Single-dose vaccines

The City of Prague has acknowledged that homeless people often move around different locations. For this reason, it would be challenging to guarantee that everyone who is given the first shot of the vaccine will also be able to receive the second dose. Understanding this risk, the capital has announced that it will administer single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Vaccinations will be administered by a mobile team that will work alongside social workers. That is, the team will accompany them to food aid locations where vaccinations will be offered. Upon the administration of the vaccine, individuals will be given a certificate. In addition to this, social workers will then monitor the state of those who have been vaccinated.

This project began on Tuesday 13 July when 26 people received their single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

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