Hotels in Greece to offer quarantine rooms for COVID-19 cases

Hotels in Greece to offer quarantine rooms for COVID-19 cases

All hotels across the country must comply with the government’s decree until further notice

In preparation for Greece’s ultimate reopening to tourists, visitors and foreigners in general, the country’s authorities have been devising a number of approaches on how best to handle and deal with possible outbreaks of COVID-19 in its hotels and resorts.

While the Mediterranean country boasts one of Europe’s best track records when it comes to dealing with the pandemic, it is also one of the most reliant on its tourism sector – thus, authorities found themselves pressed for time when it comes to relaunching the summer tourist season. The Greek government has so far been eager to issue all manner of decrees and laws meant to reassure prospective travellers and visitors that the country is safe to spend your holidays in – and they keep expanding their repertoire of reopening-related measures.

Band-aid solutions until the establishment of long-term measures

The latest addition to the long list of preventative COVID-19 decrees concerns all hotels across Greece. Earlier this week, on Tuesday 23 June, Greek authorities announced that all hotel chains of more than 10 rooms must create so-called “quarantine rooms”, meant for those who have displayed coronavirus symptoms but do not require hospital care.

These safe rooms are to be isolated from the rest of the premises, thereby giving venues the opportunity to continue functioning without closing down for mass disinfection. Larger hotels, with more rooms, will, in turn, be required to create more isolated spaces on their premises – up to 3% of their total capacity, to service their guests in case of an outbreak.

The government, however, is eager to remind hotel owners, staff and visitors, that these measures are only temporary and will be lifted as soon as possible. More specifically, that will happen only once the improvised quarantine rooms can be replaced by a state-created and structured network of “quarantine” hotels.



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