A farmhouse on Sant' Erasmo isle, Source: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra, on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

How do vehicles on the isle of Sant’ Erasmo undergo annual inspection?

How do vehicles on the isle of Sant’ Erasmo undergo annual inspection?

The Venetian municipality has organized a short ferry trip for that

Venice is a place full of wonderful and amazing traditions, customs and festivals. Many of them point back to the city’s rich heritage and historical eminence during the Middle Ages, but others are of more recent creation. And we are not talking about the Venice Film Festival. One more recent custom, which started in the autumn of 2019, is the provision of a specialized ferry service so the vehicles of a small island in the Venetian Lagoon can visit a mechanic for their annual inspection.

It’s still in a trial stage, so let’s not call it a tradition yet

Sant’ Erasmo is a small isle, of about 620 inhabitants, one of several such located in the Venetian Lagoon and quite likely one that most tourists are not aware of. To Venetian residents, it has been long and historically known as a place of fruit and vegetable gardens – as such it is the supplier of fresh produce to the densely packed historic urban centre.

Being the ‘farming’ island of Venice means that Sant’ Erasmo’s car stock mostly consists of small-sized vehicles used in agriculture, such as tractors or Piaggio Apes (light cargo three-wheeler vans). Nevertheless, they have to undergo maintenance and inspection like any other vehicle, so the Venetian administration decided to provide their owners with four ferry trips (one per season) to the nearby larger island of Lido where there are workshops.

"A ferry trip that is now on a regular basis, which has shown, in these two years of service, how much it is appreciated by the residents of Sant'Erasmo who can in this way be able to carry out maintenance and overhaul of their vehicles ensuring their safety and correct functioning,” explained the city councillor for Islands Alessandro Scarpa Marta.

He continued: “This project started from an idea of ​​(Venetian) mayor Luigi Brugnaro within a program that in recent years we have been carrying out for the enhancement of the island and its assets and that will continue to support the improvement to the quality of life of the residents".

The next trip starting from S. Erasmo-Forte Massimiliano is scheduled for 2 August, at 12 noon with arrival at Lido S. Nicolò at 12:20 pm. The return trip will take place on Thursday, 5 August. It is advisable to sign up for the transport service and the inspection at the Lido workshops.

Will this turn into an enduring local custom? Who knows, but one thing is sure – Venice’s particular geographic setting will inspire new decisions in sync with the changing circumstances of the times.



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