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How to transform historical cities into sustainable environments

How to transform historical cities into sustainable environments

A new POCYTIF project has kicked off in Evora, Portugal

Today, we are so concentrated on new technologies, sustainability, and energy efficiency to protect our environment that we somehow forget our cultural and historical heritage is also in need of protection.


POCYTIF (Positive Energy CITY Transformation Framework) is a program financed under Horizon 2020 that aims to transform historical areas in several European cities into sustainable environments that are able to manage their own energy consumption by themselves.

The program will be implemented in cooperation between 13 countries and 46 partners. The countries represent different regions of the EU and EEA –Portugal (EDP as a lead partner) and Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Hungary, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland as partners.

The centre of the project revolves around positive energy. It started in Evora, Portugal and will also concentrate on e-mobility, innovative information technology, and wide citizen engagement. The activities will include, among others:

  • Innovation in energy production and consumption in historical areas and buildings.
  • Peer-to-peer energy management and storage solutions for grid flexibility.
  • Electrical mobility solutions and their introduction into the electrical grid and the city planning initiatives.
  • Support for citizen-driven innovative solutions in co-creating smart-city solutions.

The first cities to take part in creating strategies for achieving the above-mentioned goals and lead the way for others to follow suit will be Evora in Portugal and Alkmaar in the Netherlands. Once achieved there, they will be applied in 6 more – Granada (Spain), Bari (Italy), Celje (Slovenia), Ujpest (Hungary), Ioannina (Greece) and Hvidovre (Denmark).

The expected results are to show historical cities around Europe how to protect their heritage and at the same time how to make it sustainable in terms of energy efficiency. Each of these cities fights with certain climate conditions and is developing strategies on how to improve its policies in the field of energy use and adaptation to the new realities. They will give good examples of how to save our past with contemporary means.




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