Bucharest opens an exibition dedicated to the pandemic

In Bucharest, an exhibition dedicated to the pandemic opens doors

In Bucharest, an exhibition dedicated to the pandemic opens doors

Titled “Fragile Identities” – a story told through objects

In Bucharest, the Fragile Identities - Pandemic Museum opened for visitors. It is the first participatory exhibition dedicated to the emotions of the pandemic, stored in story objects that have accompanied the public in the last year.

Fragile Identities - Pandemic Museum is a cultural project of the National Network of Museums in Romania and was designed as a unique museum experiment in the country. It is designed to give a voice to personal emotions generated by the pandemic through their objects and stories, received following the public collection carried out between March and April 2021.

Gives voice to personal emotions generated during the pandemic

"Fragile Identities is an emotional dressing, a creative therapeutic exercise, which stages a series of individual radiographs: the stories of those who sent us the objects. Although the curatorial intervention is minimal, and the narrative is guided by the story-objects received, we can talk about a real deployment of forces regarding the scenography, the attention focused on the visitor's experience. Fragile Identities is an exhibition conceived around the concept of "social object" - that is, that artefact you look at not (only) for its artistic or historical significance,” shared Andreea Lupu, curator and project manager.

Created as an exhibition that offers no answers, but that arouses curiosity and makes room for the personal perspective of each visitor, Fragile Identities presents objects that have become micro-journals, which express the new reality in which we live.

They are objects that have stored joys or sorrows, that have ensured the connection with loved ones, have triggered memories or new hobbies and that, through public exposure, continue their mission to publicly share emotions and personal stories in a common space and to create a memory of fragile times.

The National Network of Museums in Romania is the largest professional organisation dedicated to museums, with over 70 institutional members and individual members. The Network exploits one of the biggest competitive advantages - working in a national and international context, building flexibility, disseminating information and developing collective know-how within a wide coverage network.

The Network of Museums is affiliated with one of the largest and most influential pan-European networks of the Network of European Museum Organizations. The network also organizes two important events each year: Museum Night and Museums meet Museums.

The exhibition Fragile Identities - Pandemic Museum can be visited until 4 July 2021. Admission is free, but in order to control the flow of visitors under the legal provisions, it is necessary to schedule the visit online in advance.



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