Christmas lights in Rome, Source: Rome Municipality

In Rome, the holiday spirit will go on a bit longer

In Rome, the holiday spirit will go on a bit longer

Initially, the lights were going to shine only until 7 January

The Day of Epiphany (6 January) usually closes off the Christmas holiday cycle. Epiphany is associated with the Three Magi who visited the new-born Jesus and presented him with special gifts.

This year, the Municipality of Rome has decided to extend the presence of Christmas lights on the city’s streets and squares until 10 January. The initial decision was to take them off on 7 January, after Epiphany.

The musical bus concert is rescheduled for 4 and 7 January

Those Rome residents who are especially fond of holiday lights and the atmosphere they bring can rejoice and look forward to a few days more of this as a gift from their municipality.

This means that the bright stars located on Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Santa Maria dell’Olivo, Piazza Capecelatro and Viale Duilio Cambellotti at the VI Town Hall will continue to adorn those respective places. And for those inhabitants who have not been able to observe the video projections of the Custodes art project, curated by Livia Cannella, will also be able to do so until 10 January.

These projections will be available in the evenings at the Porta del Popolo and on the façade of the Palazzo Senatorio in Campidoglio. The projections combine sacred sounds with images of guardian angels and Rome residents and is inspired by the high classics of ancient and Baroque art.

Originally, on 30 December the Italian capital residents were supposed to be treated to a free concert given out from the open decks of a moving bus. Weather conditions changed those plans.

This concert will still happen, however this time it will take place on 4 and 7 January, departing at 16:30 in the afternoon. People will get the chance to hear two soloists from the Italian Popular Orchestra perform a selection of Christmas songs as well as traditional songs from the Roman countryside.



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