Innsbruck introduces landmark move-in support scheme

Innsbruck introduces landmark move-in support scheme

The initiative aims to make the lives of citizens more environmentally friendly and to strengthen cohesion

Moving into a new house or neighbourhood is always difficult at the start – and authorities in the Austrian city of Innsbruck recognize that fact. That is why they have launched a new landmark scheme that is meant to provide support to those moving into a new home by promoting environmentally friendly practices and by strengthening cohesion.

Taking steps to protect citizens and the environment

The workshops organised by Innsbruck’s Citizens’ Participation Office are voluntary and free for all citizens. They provide the so-called move-in support service which is designed to help residents prepare for a new living environment and to enable social and emotional neighbourhood relationships after they have moved in.

“It makes a difference in the quality of living together, whether you know your neighbors or feel like a stranger. The move-in escort is about reducing existing inhibitions and fears, getting to know the residents in a playful way and thus creating an identity-forging relationship with the new home, " stated mayor Georg Willi.

Another key point of the programme is to promote a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Beyond their social aspects, the workshops also feature a prominent promotion of the advantages of a resource-saving lifestyle, soft mobility, energy saving and waste separation.

“The focus here is on raising awareness. If you know the effects of your own way of life on the environment and on the climate, you will be more likely to pay attention to behaviour that protects the environment,” continues Innsbruck’s mayor.

By taking a more active role in the everyday lives and struggles of its citizens, Innsbruck is paving the way for a more social and connected city. Furthermore, thanks to the efforts of authorities, locals will not only feel more at home, but they will also contribute to making the city cleaner and healthier.



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