A sign that reads "Together for a wilder Horsens", Source: Horsens Municipality

Insects and plants to get a 50,000 square metre home in Horsens

Insects and plants to get a 50,000 square metre home in Horsens

The Danish municipality aims to increase biodiversity in the area

In 2020, the Danish Ministry of the Environment invited all of the country’s 98 municipalities to participate in the national competition “Denmark’s Wildest Municipality”. On 5 January, Horsens Municipality, one of the 92 participants, announced that it is strengthening its position in the competition by reserving 50,000 square metres of land for wild nature and insects.

A home for wildlife

Of the 50,000 square metres, 37,000 will soon become the home of poppies and cornflowers, which are set to bloom in the spring. Grass, herbs, and flowers will also grow freely in the remaining 13,000 square metres as the municipality notes that they will only be cut once or twice a year. In this way, it will promote biodiversity and wild nature in the area.

“We are working on both small and large projects that will provide better conditions for our plants and insects. The area in Bygholm Bakker is one of the major biodiversity projects, and it is, of course, good when we can involve neighbouring areas,” commented Project Manager for biodiversity, Malene Steen Simonsen.

A map of the area (Source: Horsens Municipality)

The 50,000 square metres are well suited for the project as the land’s soil provides excellent conditions for grass and flowers to grow and attract insects. In addition to this, Bygholm Bakker is located close to a lake and forest, thereby providing both food and shelter for the wildlife.

Expanding on this, Project Manager Simonsen further noted that there will also be paths running through the area, allowing Horsens’ inhabitants to admire the nature and wildlife. Thus, the land will bring joy to plants, insects, and residents alike.



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