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InvestEU – a financial tool to kick-start the European economy

InvestEU – a financial tool to kick-start the European economy

EU Commission is launching a new financial instrument on 18 March 2021

On 18 March 2021, the European Commission will hold a launching event for the start of the new financial instrument InvestEU. It will be the main European programme to support long-term public and private investments in the EU.

The new programme will replace and consolidate previous financial instruments that have been used so far to support economic growth in the EU. It will be built on the experience of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI).

Recovery, green growth, employment and well-being

By supporting local funding, the EU promotes recovery, green growth, employment and well-being as some of its top priorities. In the meantime, the Covid-19 crisis and the long-term goals for a green and digital transition pose new challenges for Europe that would require riskier investments in bigger projects.

Local and regional authorities play a crucial role in planning, regulating and investing more than half of the public investment in the EU. That is why the new financial tool is a great opportunity for local governments but also their participation is of utmost importance for the success of the programme.

Four policy goals engaging over 370 billion euros

InvestEU is expected to include more than 370 billion euros in additional investments through four policy lines:

  • sustainable infrastructure
  • research, innovation and digitisation
  • small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • social investment and skills

The idea behind this new tool is the evaluation of the previous financial framework (2014-2020), which showed that many financial instruments make it more complicated to use and benefit from EU fundings.

In the next period 2021-2027, InvestEU will help increase investments, innovation and job creation in the Union. Stimulating sustainable growth will promote achieving the EU’s 2030 energy and climate targets and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The kick-off event will take place online and interested parties can register on the registration website.  

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