Tempio del Valadier

Italian treasures: the Temple of Valadier - a church in the rock

Italian treasures: the Temple of Valadier - a church in the rock

Let's explore one of the most picturesque sanctuaries in the Marche

It's the middle of the summer and we will take you on a journey to many beautiful places in Italy that are absolutely worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Let's explore together one of the most interesting sanctuaries in the province of Ancona, the Marche and even in the world - the Temple of Valadier (Tempio del Valadier).

This magical place was built by Pope Leo XII almost 200 years ago in a neoclassical style based on a design by the famous architect Giuseppe Valadier. The temple is nestled between the rocky walls of a mountain.

How to reach the Temple of Valadier?

The route is not difficult, in fact, the path that starts from the road running alongside the Gola Canyon is not far from the entrance to the Frasassi Caves. The road is wide and with a slope so slight as to be passable even by children. Visitors can also go there by bicycle.

After a hike of about 1000 meters uphill you will get to the entrance of a place marked with a great mystique. At the top, the spectacle of the temple set inside the cave is an incredible sight.

The Temple of Valadier stands in a wonderful place full of natural and cultural attractions waiting to be discovered. Near the temple, one can also find the Frasassi Caves. They are a must-visit type of attraction if you find yourself in this corner of Italy.

The Frasassi Caves are among the most famous show caves in Italy

The Frasassi Caves represent a masterpiece created by nature thanks to the work of water on the rock that started about 190 million years ago. This has formed a complex of caves and tunnels that stretches for kilometres in the heart of the Marche.



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