Italian daily life is sure to get impacted by the new law

Italy becomes the first country to require ‘green pass’ from workers

Italy becomes the first country to require ‘green pass’ from workers

The measure will go into force on 15 October

Italy is now the first European country to require employees in all economic sectors to present a green pass certificate – showing vaccination, recovery from COVID or negative PCR test – if they want to access their place of work. The measure is set to go into force from 15 October, giving plenty of time to people to get vaccinated and adjust to the new reality.

Breaching the rules will lead to fines for employers and employees

This is a bold measure, which is likely to meet resistance from the anti-vax sectors of society, but it will also likely encourage those who are still on the fence about getting the shot to finally do so. The cultural and entertainment sector in the country has already been using the green pass, requiring visitors to dining establishments, theatres, cinemas and such to present it at the door if they wanted to go inside.

Likewise, school and university staff had also been obligated to get vaccinated in order to exercise their professions. The Italian authorities, however, considered that these measures were insufficient if the pandemic was to be tackled definitively.

As a result, yesterday, the Council of Ministers announced the new measure indicating that this will extend to the public and private spheres of work, including self-employed people.

If workplaces are found to be breaching the rules, the sanctions can affect both the employers and the staff. For employers, the fines could range between 400 and 1000 euros, for workers those will be between 600 and 1500 euros.

Furthermore, employees will be suspended from work without pay, however, they cannot be fired.

"The implementation of a pass such as the one we are bringing into force with this decree will, we are certain, help us push forward this vaccination campaign," explained Roberto Speranza, Italy’s Health Minister at the press conference announcing the measure.



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