Some Italian towns have come up with the idea to have 'kissing zones'

Italy mandates romance with specially designed zones

Italy mandates romance with specially designed zones

If we already have low-emissions and low-speed areas, why not also have ones dedicated to lots-of-love?

Earlier this month, the town of Anacapri, on the Italian island of Capri, installed a sign at a picturesque spot that reads: “Zona Romantica. Obbligatorio baciarsi”. In English that means “Romantic Zone. Kissing is obligatory”, and the text sits under the silhouetted profiles of a couple doing just that.

Behind the sign, one can see the lighthouse and the sea, by all accounts a romantic spot. It’s a clever idea to promote some lesser-known scenic sites that meet that very contemporary requirement – to be photographable, or Instagram-worthy, if you will. And in the process, stimulate tourism visits to areas that might become viral in popularity.

The new iconic spots for romance

Actually, there are already several ‘romantic zones’ in Italy, and the one in Anacapri is only the latest addition. Paris and Venice will probably be eternal in their appeal, but thanks to overcrowding, they might be becoming a little bit worn-out as romantic destinations. And if anyone knows something about creating tender loving vibes, it’s the Italians.

The idea for placing a ‘romantic zone’ that encourages couples to kiss in front of a beautiful background, take a picture of the moment, and then hopefully share it on social media, originated back in 2009. According to LePoint, the first municipality to give birth to the idea was Sirmione, located on the shores of Lake Garda.

The idea, however, only started spreading throughout Italy in 2019 when the towns in Campania started copying it. From Termoli to Trentinara, from Torre dell'Orso to the Municipality of Mattinata, there is now a swarm of romantic signs that "force" visitors to kiss.

Some of them encourage the couples in Italian, others in English, but what is clear is that the trend has already taken roots. Hopefully, also in people's hearts.



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