Italy to provide 150 municipalities with funding to ensure the safety of their beaches

Italy to provide 150 municipalities with funding to ensure the safety of their beaches

The coastal municipalities will receive 32 thousand euros to fight against illegal commercial activities and for checks on anti-Covid-19 measures

The Italian "Safe Beaches" initiative for summer 2020 is meant to ensure that coastal municipalities have everything they need when fighting the problems plaguing their respective communities. It is funded with 4.8 million euros which will be divided up between a total of 150 local governments (e.g. 32 thousand euros per municipality) that will be used for the fight against illegal commercial activities, counterfeiting and for checks on anti-Covid-19 measures.

Financial support can be used for the hiring of fixed-term local police personnel, payments for overtime work by the same staff, the purchase of vehicles and equipment and the promotion of information campaigns meant to increase awareness among consumers of damages resulting from the purchase of counterfeit products. In addition, the funds may be used to verify compliance with social distancing measures as well as the additional requirements contained in the protocols or guidelines to prevent or reduce the risk of contagion from Covid-19.

The specific municipalities that will be receiving aid have been identified on the basis of the presences in the accommodation establishments, according to Istat 2018 data, and have the following characteristics:

  1. They are not provincial capitals;
  2. They have a population of no more than 50 thousand inhabitants on 1 January 2019;
  3. They are not recipients of contributions for similar initiatives promoted by the Ministry of the Interior or for other initiatives provided by the interministerial decree of 18 December 2018.

Submit an application to the territorial competent prefecture

To apply for the funding, the municipalities must submit an application to the territorial competent prefecture and a project sheet referring to the period from 1 July to 30 September. The measures that will be taken must be illustrated and the means and personnel that will be employed must also be highlighted while the areas of the territory concerned and their respective costs must be specified in detail.

The prefecture will proceed with the verification of the application. After the opinion of the Provincial Committee for public order and safety has been acquired, it will be able to: either approve the project, invite the municipality to present clarifications and additional documentation or reject the request. The procedure must be completed by 20 June 2020.



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