Limerick Jazz Festival, Source: Limerick City and County Council

Jazz will return to Limerick this autumn

Jazz will return to Limerick this autumn

The local jazz festival will show flexibility given the new circumstances

Jazz music will return to the Irish city of Limerick for the ninth consecutive time this year in the week of 21-27 September. This was announced last week by the municipal website, which also added that music aficionados should expect some changes to the format, given the current post-Covid-19 context.

The Limerick Jazz Festival started in 2012

The festival was conceived by the Limerick Jazz Society, which itself is the longest continually active society dedicated to jazz music on the Emerald Isle. This non-profit has been involved in popularizing jazz music since 1982.

This year the event will give a stage for performances of leading musicians from the Irish diaspora working in this genre. What is different is that their performances between Monday and Friday will also be broadcast online.

Artists will include:

  • Lynley Hamilton (Belfast)
  • Chris Guilfoyle’s Oxygen Thief (Dublin)
  • Paul Dunlea (Cork)
  • Matthew Berrill (Galway)
  • Eddie Lee (Sligo)
  • David O’Rourke (USA)
  • John Donegan (UK)

The grand finale will be hosted on Sunday, 27 September, by Dolan’s Warehouse – the famous live music venue of Limerick. It will feature the Joe O’Callaghan Trio, Michael Buckley’s House of Horns, Christine Tobin and Phil Robson and a Limerick Jazz Festival debut for Mary Coughlan.

Another thing that will see its first rendition this year will be the final of the Young Irish Jazz Musician 2020 in University Concert Hall on Saturday, 26 September. It is hoped that this competition, open to participants between the ages of 13 and 18, will become a regular fixture on the agenda putting the spotlight on the upcoming jazz talents of Ireland.

The winner of the award will also get a bursary for an international summer school and the chance to make a professional studio record.

“We are delighted to announce this year’s festival. We have worked hard to develop a line-up that works in the unusual times we live in and hope that shows in the innovations we have made. Young Irish Jazz Musician 2020 is a natural development of our long-term commitment to jazz education and are working on plans to develop this even more in the future,” said John Daly, Director of the Festival.



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