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Jirkov issues ban on gambling to reduce crime

Jirkov issues ban on gambling to reduce crime

It is hoped that the new decree will make the Czech city a safer place

On 25 June, the Czech City of Jirkov announced that a majority of city officials have agreed to make gambling illegal. The only exceptions to this new decree are small card games with a limit of CZK 500 (EUR 20). With this reform, Jirkov hopes to reduce crime and improve the quality of life in the city.

Mayor of Jirkov Darina Kováčová expressed her satisfaction with this new law which restricts the operation of gambling establishments, noting: “We are glad that the coalition and the opposition have found common ground in such a crucial matter.”

In a press release, the City of Jirkov reported that several establishments halted their activities during the state of emergency brought about by COVID. Now, these centres will not be permitted to resume operating. In addition to the closure of these businesses, the number of pawnshops in the city is also expected to decrease.  

The reason behind this is the fact that pawnshops are often located next to casinos and other such establishments which are frequented by individuals with gambling addictions. Unsurprisingly, the presence of these shops only further fuels dependence.

How will the ban improve the quality of life in Jirkov?

Admittedly, the new decree will initially have a negative impact on the city’s economy. Nevertheless, it will reduce the number of indebted citizens and the negative repercussions of gambling addictions. On its website, the City of Jirkov further explained that one of the main reasons why it has issued this ban is to reduce crime.

It is important to note that the decree will further improve public health by ensuring that individuals do not suffer the negative psychological, physical, and social consequences of addiction. In this way, the Czech city seeks to become safer and more secure for all citizens.

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