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Join MCR2030: the global drive for resilient cities

Join MCR2030: the global drive for resilient cities

TheMayor.EU partners with UNDRR to cover the progress as it takes shape

The UN wants global cities to be able to face up whatever challenges may come their way by the end of this decade. This is more than mere words or wishful thinking, given that since January its Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) has been leading the MCR2030 initiative. These letters stand for Making Cities Resilient by 2030 and the Geneva-based international organization has a plan on how this can be achieved.

Recently, TheMayor.EU became the newest addition to the UN initiative in helping out to make the final goal a concrete reality.

MCR2030 consists of a 3-step roadmap to success

According to the latest data the network already counts with 240 member cities from all over the planet. Although strategic planning is done with a global result orientation in mind, implementation of the initiative unfolds regionally. TheMayor.EU will thus be involved in the Europe Region.

What the UNDRR is offering cities in terms of support is the provision of the following:

  • a three-step roadmap for achieving resilience;
  • a suite of tools and knowledge guidance that helps cities’ understanding of how to better reduce risk and build resilience;
  • A global partnership and network with expertise across urban resilience, DRR, climate change and SDGs, keeping cities connected with global coherent policies towards achieving the 2030 Agenda;
  • Regional networks of partners with implementation experience connecting cities into a movement that can transform vulnerable places and spaces;
  • An online dashboard application allowing cities to record, monitor and evaluate their progress;
  • A marketplace registry for cities to find specialist service providers to implement reducing disaster/climate risks and supporting risk-informed local development.

As a city, face the future today!

The future of the world is urban-based. That means that the cities of tomorrow must equip themselves accordingly to respond to this exponential growth and the challenges that come with it.

Is your city projected to grow? Do you, as a local government, have solutions prepared? Do you have a plan? Do you think it would be great to learn from other cities how to adapt and how to lower the risks? 

If you have not yet registered your city for the initiative, we urge you to do so here.

Let’s prepare our cities for whatever the future has in store! TheMayor.EU will be a participant in that initiative, as well, offering services to members.



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