EUvsVirus hackathon, Source: EUvsVirus

Join the first pan-European coronavirus hackathon

Join the first pan-European coronavirus hackathon

More than 60,000 participants will join forces in trying to find digital solutions to the ongoing crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has had a severe impact on every aspect of our daily lives. But technology has been there to guide us through these difficult times – and European institutions believe that technology is also what will help us overcome them for good.

That is why the European Commission, working closely with the EU’s member states and led by the European Innovation Council will be hosting the first-ever pan-European hackathon aimed at devising solutions to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The initiative is called EUvsVirus and is held under the patronage of European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Mariya Gabriel.

Everyone doing their part

The hackathon will bring together over 60,000 participants who will get down to devising solution in several key challenge areas – namely health and life, business continuity, social and political cohesiveness, work and distance learning, digital finance and others.

The event will be held between 24 and 26 April and while the deadline for registering for participation was first stated to be 19 April, it has since then, already been extended in the search for even more contributors.

The organisers are on the lookout for even more contributors and problem solvers – be they individuals who personally want to contribute or institutions and organisations who want to bring forward their own capacity by providing the event and its participants with sponsorships, rewards and tools or simply want to get down to devising solutions.

By turning to such contributors, the European Commission and the EUvsVirus initiative hope to develop a number of solutions for the problems that all countries on the continent are jointly facing – and that at least some of them will eventually be implemented in different areas of the EU or at least boost its capacity to offer a joint response to the ongoing crisis.

If you’re interested in signing up and joining the hackathon, be sure to visit the EUvsVirus website



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