Design plan for the new development in Kaštela, Source: City of Kaštela

Kaštela's coastal square gets a futuristic design overlooking a Game of Thrones site

Kaštela's coastal square gets a futuristic design overlooking a Game of Thrones site

The city seeks to promote wellbeing and create new opportunities for its residents

The Croatian City of Kaštela has unveiled its design plans for a new and modern development in Kaštel Gomilica. This new space will be located on the coast and it will feature a large amphitheatre, restaurants, and a park with various amenities such as exercise equipment.

What is more, it will have a view of Kaštilac: a medieval castle built in 1545 which is seen as a symbol of not only Kaštela but also Croatia and was featured in the famous television series Game of Thrones.

Promoting culture, wellbeing, and greenery

In a press release by the City of Kaštela, Mayor Denis Ivanović expressed his satisfaction with this project as he noted that this space will create new opportunities for citizens. Expanding on this, Ivanović claimed that events will be held in the large amphitheatre and residents will be able to exercise and socialise. As a result, the development of this new area will encourage the formation of communities, promote physical wellbeing, and boost cultural life.

The architect of this project Filip Tadin also noted that the new space will focus on greenery. According to the aforementioned press release, Tadin explained that the central space will be clean and simple. More importantly, all of its surrounding areas will be green.

Taking this further, the architect stressed that there will be a forest with various plants and species. More specifically, Tadin claimed that the forest will have Aleppo pines, olive trees, cypresses and lindens, among many others.

To ensure that the new development appeals to residents of all age groups, there will be a wide variety of amenities such as benches, tables, exercise equipment, children’s playgrounds, water fountains and a skate park.

Finally, the City noted that it will not intervene with the coastal part of the space. However, it will add certain beach facilities such as deck chairs and changing rooms to enhance the experiences of its citizens.

The design plans for this development can be seen in the gallery above.

Video of the new development (Source: The City of Kaštela on Youtube)



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