Karlstad wants to see more residents riding a bike to work

Karlstad institutes award for most bicycle-friendly workplace

Karlstad institutes award for most bicycle-friendly workplace

The Municipality wants to see more bicycles on its streets

The City of Karlstad, in Sweden, wants to see more of its residents riding a bike on their way to work. That is why its authorities announced today that it will be instituting the “Bicycle-friendly workplace” award as a way to encourage local employers to motivate their workers to opt for this green and healthy mode of mobility.

The concept is part of the municipality's work with sustainable travel within the Climate Neutral Karlstad 2030 project on cutting greenhouse gases from transport.

How can an employer win the award?

“Bicycle-friendly workplace” is an award for workplaces that in different ways want to work actively to make it easier for their employees to cycle to work and in the service.

Karlstad Municipality has developed several criteria that the workplace can choose from in order to achieve the award "Bicycle-friendly workplace". 

To achieve one star, or the first level, at least five criteria must be met. If the workplace completes another five, they will reach level two and thus receive two stars. To reach the final level with three stars, the workplace must have met fifteen selected criteria. 

All workplaces that reach a star receive a digital diploma that can be used on, for example, a website. Everyone who reaches two or three stars receives a digital diploma and can also choose to receive a plaque that can be put up at the workplace. 

The winner will be crowned in December and awarded the "Karlstad's most bicycle-friendly workplace 2022" award. The winner does not have to be the one who has achieved the most criteria but can also be the one who, for example, has been most inclusive or resourceful. In addition to the award and the plaque, the winner also gets the opportunity to be part of a promotional film about Karlstad's most bicycle-friendly workplace.

For an employer, there are many benefits to encouraging and supporting their employees to cycle. The workplace profiles itself as a modern and attractive employer while contributing to better health for its employees, increased accessibility, reduced climate emissions and cleaner air,” explained Mikael Haster, project manager and environmental coordinator at Karlstad Municipality.



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