Kavarna , Source: Kavarna Municipality

Kavarna Municipality offers free internet access to its citizens and guests

Kavarna Municipality offers free internet access to its citizens and guests

All thanks to the European initiative WiFi4EU

The Bulgarian Municipality of Kavarna informed that it has successfully completed the activities involved in the "WiFi4EU - promoting internet connectivity in local communities" initiative. The project was implemented thanks to the financial support of the European Union through the Executive Agency for Innovation and Networks (INEA) of the European Commission.

The scheme supports the provision of free access to high-quality wireless internet to residents and visitors to local community centers in municipalities across Europe. The network built in the town of Kavarna covers the following areas:

  •  The pedestrian zone of the city;
  •  The city park;
  •  The park in front of the Yordan Yovkov Primary School and Stefan Karadja High School;
  •  The ground floor of the municipal administration building;
  •  The first floor of the building of "Medical Center - I;
  •  The square of the village of Balgarevo.

Free wireless internet is now available in this park. Photo by Kavarna Municipality

Providing wireless internet connection for all users is completely free and unconditional. For access, anyone wishing to use the service must connect to a WiFi4EU network without the need for identification for its use. The guaranteed download speed is at least 30 Mbps.

All registered European municipalities in the platform will become part of one large community

The high-speed free internet that is provided enables fast connection and complements the already existing public services provided in public places. The innovation also improves and upgrades access to online services, which in turn improves the quality of life in local communities.

The WiFi4EU initiative, in addition to connecting people, also aims to support the cultural and historical exchange of information. Through the scheme, all European municipalities registered in the platform will become part of a large community and will be connected to the other local administrations participating in the large-scale project.



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