'Black Cat' by Steven Aylin in Castle Yard, Kilkenny City, Source: Design & Crafts Council Ireland on Facebook

Kilkenny Cat Walk opens on 10 October

Kilkenny Cat Walk opens on 10 October

The trail comprises 21 colourful cat sculptures which will be on public display in and around the Irish city until Easter 2022

Since antiquity, cats have undergone a miraculous transformation in their relationship with humans - from pest exterminators and creatures with divine or demonic status to cuddly pets, art characters and (sorry, dog owners) undisputed Lords of the Internet.  

So, it comes as no surprise that the immensely popular domesticated predators have been chosen over any other animal for an exciting new art display which opens in Kilkenny, Ireland on Kilkenny Day – 10 October.

Inspired by a cartoon character

The Kilkenny Cat Walk is marked by 21 fibreglass resin cat sculptures modelled on the feline character Pangur Bán from the film ‘Secret of Kells’, created by award-winning, Kilkenny-based studio Cartoon Saloon. The 1.5 m tall sculptures have been decorated by talented local artists, and will be on public display until Easter 2022. Afterwards, they will be auctioned, with the funds going towards the renovation of Kilkenny Civic Trust St Mary’s Alms House.  

With the help of an official app, visitors can follow the trail and find the sculptures which are located in public spaces in and around the city, many of them keeping watch of Kilkenny’s heritage buildings. The Cat Walk is arranged outdoors, but physical distancing is nevertheless required, regardless of current restrictions.

Picture purrrfect

The arts project is being implemented in a partnership between Kilkenny Civic Trust and Kilkenny County Council. The purpose of the Cat Walk is to stimulate domestic tourism and support the Keep Well Campaign, inviting people to get outdoors, follow the trail and make memorable selfies with the funny creatures.

This, in turn, will make local businesses, arts and communities happy. The Cat Walk has given creative work to mainly local artists, while local businesses will enjoy added benefits from increased visitor flows. To bolster the impact, a comprehensive marketing programme has been designed to attract media coverage on a local, regional and national level.



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