Semi-underground waste containers in Klaipeda, Source:

Klaipėda creates 33 new semi-underground waste container sites

Klaipėda creates 33 new semi-underground waste container sites

Residents can find their location on the virtual map of the city

Klaipėda residents and other waste holders can now use 33 new semi-underground waste container sites installed across the Lithuanian port city, informs the municipal website. The new waste disposal sites have been put into operation last week by the Klaipėda Region Waste Management Center (KRATC), having been handed over by their builder in October.

Virtual map shows location of sites  

The location of current and planned underground or semi-underground waste container sites, as well as additional info about the assignment of the sites to specific waste holders, can be found on the virtual map of Klaipėda city.  

By order of the city administration, the assigned waste holders, such as residential building owners' associations or public facilities, assume full responsibility for the maintenance and cleanliness of the sites. To ensure that the new containers are emptied regularly, residents are asked not to block the access to them with their vehicles.

Until Klaipėda residents get used to the new semi-underground containers, above-ground sliding containers will be left in listed places.

EU-funded project 

Container sites are being created under the EU-funded project “Development of Municipal Waste Management Infrastructure in Klaipėda City, Skuodas and Kretinga Districts and Neringa Municipality”. KRATC is the project’s executor. Using project funds, 53 new underground / semi-underground municipal waste container sites have been installed and are being operated.

The Klaipėda region waste management centre (KRATC) is a merger of seven Klaipėda district municipality companies united by a common goal of creating a new waste management system in Klaipeda region that complies with the environmental standards of the European Union. The main KRATC shareholders are Klaipėda, Palanga, Neringa city as well as the regional municipalities of Klaipėda, Kretinga, Šilute, and Skuodas.



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