Klaipeda takes on role of European Youth Capital 2021

Klaipeda takes on role of European Youth Capital 2021

The opening ceremony will be broadcast on 11 March at 6 p.m., via Facebook, YouTube, and the online TV platform of public broadcaster LRT Plus

On 11 March, Lithuania Independence Restoration Day, Klaipeda will adorn its crown as European Youth Capital 2021, taking the title over from the French city of Amiens. The big national holiday was aptly chosen for the presentation of the project’s programme consisting of nine platforms, which showcase the problems, achievements and expectations identified by young people in the Lithuanian port city.

Among the problems highlighted by the project are weak political literacy of young people, lack of an environment that would foster entrepreneurship and creativity, avoidance of "inconvenient" topics and people, and an aging city.

The opening ceremony will be broadcast live on 11 March at 6 p.m., via Facebook, YouTube, and the online TV platform of public broadcaster LRT Plus. English subtitles and sign language interpreting will be available.

Going ahead despite the pandemic

Klaipeda was awarded the European Youth Capital title at the 2018 Award Ceremony in Novi Sad, the 2019 titleholder. Ever since, the city has worked hard on its complex programme which features 67 events. They will be attended by participants from 70 organizations and 133 ambassadors from Europe and beyond.

EUR 850 000 are planned for the organization of the European Youth Capital 2021 events, including the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as various debates, and initiatives. Even though the global Covid-19 pandemic has forced some scaling down of original project plans, events and budget, many of the key events have been successfully carried out in the past year.

Driving force behind every city

Commenting on the meaning of the European Youth Capital 2021 designation for the city, the Mayor of Klaipėda Vytautas Grubliauskas said: “Young people, their thoughts and ideas are the driving force behind every city. As long as young, energetic people care about their city, every city has a bright future. I would like to thank the youth of Klaipėda, all the ambassadors and friends of the project, whose insightful view not only of the advantages of Klaipėda, but also of sensitive topics, brought this honourable title to the city. I believe that together we can give Klaipėda an even bigger youthful drive. This year, let Klaipėda become an exceptionally open city that hears and listens, and in which people of all cultures, views and groups feel good.”

The opening event of Klaipėda - European Youth Capital 2021 presents the project content, ideas, and issues which are laid out in nine platforms: "Dialogues", "Solidarity", "Leadership", "Out of the Box", "Spaces", "Colours", "North-South", "Connections", "Potential".

To get to know more about the full programme, and find ways to get involved, you can check out the press release by ChooseKlaipeda on the website of the European Youth Forum. You can also follow Klaipeda on social media with the hashtag #chooseklaipeda.

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