The "floating play cloud" structure, Source: Kolding Municipality

Kolding has built a modern play structure in its city centre

Kolding has built a modern play structure in its city centre

With the construction of this ‘floating play cloud’, the city is hoping to become livelier and more exciting for people of all ages

In an attempt to create more life in its city centre, the Danish city of Kolding has added a new play structure. According to the municipality’s website, parents in the city had been wishing for a place where they could have fun as a family. Now, the city has finally granted their wish.

The chairman of the Technical and Climate Committee Jakob Ville commented on the location of the new playground as he said, "We have deliberately chosen a central place for the new play sculpture, because we want to create more life in the city centre and make it even more fun and cosy for families with children to come here."

'A floating play cloud'

The play structure has been designed by the Uno Uniqua company and the landscape architects Land + who refer to it as "a floating play cloud". This name perfectly captures the essence of this contemporary structure which is 6 metres high and 13 metres long.

Children can climb up into the "cloud" where they will then discover a "secret world", reported the Kolding Municipality. Once they enter the cloud-like structure, they can climb up higher, look through stained glass, and eventually reach the viewing plateau at the top.

Ville further commented on the modernity of this playground: “When the play sculpture was sent out for tender, we emphasised that we did not want a traditional playground, as we have many other places. The wish was for a more sculptural play tool, which the children will want to explore, but which can also arouse curiosity and attention among the adults and fit into the cityscape in a design municipality like Kolding.“

To reiterate, the main purpose of this new playground is to make the city centre livelier and more exciting for people of all ages. Taking this further, the play structure is part of a 3.3-million-euro package set aside by the city council for the centre’s development. This includes the creation of more greenery, better infrastructure, and increased accessibility.

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