Kosice provides quarantine premises to city’s hospital staff

Kosice provides quarantine premises to city’s hospital staff

With the upsurge of cases, those working in hospitals find themselves in even more danger

With COVID-19 cases on the rise all around Europe, governments are falling back on the practices that they perfected and developed in the first months of the pandemic. The increase in cases has, of course, resulted in an increased strain on hospitals – which equates to a higher risk for hospital staff, who are the first line of defence of any population dealing with a disease.

In order to help precisely those frontline workers, local authorities in the Slovak city of Kosice have made available 50 spots for self-isolation and quarantine to local medical staff. The provision was agreed upon by the Kosice City Council and representatives of the city’s hospitals who brought their concerns to mayor Jaroslav Polaček.

Doing what must be done to protect the city

During a healthcare emergency such as this one, hospital staff constantly find themselves in danger. Some of them might contract the disease that they are treating and will need a safe place to isolate and quarantine, away from their families. Thus, representatives of the healthcare sector in Kosice declared the need for additional premises in which doctors and nurses will be able to stay in order to protect their loved ones.

The problem was quickly registered by local authorities in the city and mayor Jaroslav Polaček acted fast in providing them with the necessary establishments. He stated that “As soon as we found out, we contacted the representatives of our hospitals so that they could specify their requirements to us. I appreciate the idea of ​​helping hospitals for their doctors, nurses and other medical staff.

I am very pleased to announce that we are allocating more than 50 places in our quarantine facilities for Košice hospitals, front-line doctors as well as for all those who need help to provide them with space where they can be safe. This is also one of the forms of our help for those who take care of the most important things in the front line, and that is the health of us all, "

The site that is being provided is the redesigned and refurbished former administrative building of the Housing Company of the City of Košice (BPMK) on the South Embankment. Currently, the city is making ready another edifice that will provide a further 30 spots for medics who need to self-isolate.



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