kosice museum, Source: City of Kosice

Kosice’s unique underground museum set for major improvements

Kosice’s unique underground museum set for major improvements

Some 500,000 euros will be used to improve user experience and attract more tourists

Kosice’s one-of-a-kind underground museum is set for some major improvements thanks to some 500,000 euros of funding which will be used to bolster its attractiveness and cultural offer. The main goal of the changes to the venue is to increase the total number of visitors to the museum while simultaneously improving the awareness of Košice residents of all ages about the history of their city.

History through technology

In the underground museum, one will be able to find a representative exhibition with multimedia presentations, information kiosks, audiovisual projects, special effects, or three-dimensional "archeomodels" of the entrance gate or fortifications of the city.

Thanks to several interactive elements, it will also become a place of education and entertainment not only for schoolchildren, who will learn about the history of their city in an innovative way. It will also include virtual games for adults and children with military historical themes.

"Dolná brána is a unique place in Slovakia and possibly also in Central Europe, which has a timeless solution of underground spaces. We want to get it into the 21st century and make it a real attraction for all visitors, including children from our schools, who will be able to experience a history there that they will remember for a very long time.

The history of Košice is also connected with the history of our southern neighbours. Last year, the deputies of the city of Košice approved that we apply for funding within the framework of cross-border cooperation and jointly complete the work of the Lower Gate, which our predecessors left here. I am very pleased that the Republic of Hungary is becoming our partner in this project. " stated Kosice’s mayor Jaroslav Polaček.



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