Life Envelopes, Source: City of Krakow

Krakow launches initiative to help save lives in emergency situations

Krakow launches initiative to help save lives in emergency situations

“Life Envelopes” will help rescuers and EMTs when individuals are unconscious or incoherent

On 12 August, the Polish City of Krakow announced that it has launched a new initiative aimed to protect elderly citizens, individuals who are chronically ill, and those who live alone. More specifically, it has created “Life Envelopes” designed to help give citizens the best care and treatment possible in case of medical emergencies.

How do the envelopes work?

Citizens must fill out the “life envelopes” with all the important information regarding their health. This includes one’s blood type, potential allergies, and medications taken, among others. In addition to this, one must fill in their personal information, including their ID number and the contact details of family members.

Lastly, the City of Krakow further advises individuals to ask their physicians to confirm the information they have filled out with a signature and stamp. Then, citizens must place the completed envelopes in a place that is easy to find and access – for example, the refrigerator.

By making use of these envelopes, senior citizens and chronically ill individuals allow paramedics and rescuers to help them in the best possible way. That is, the “life envelopes” help EMTs find out all the necessary information about individuals in cases where they are unconscious, incoherent, etc.

Furthermore, placing the documents in an accessible location (such as a refrigerator) also helps rescuers save time as they do not have to search one’s house and look through their belongings.

Where can you collect an envelope?

Krakow’s citizens can pick up a “life envelope” from any of the following locations in the city:

  • Municipal Information Center for Seniors, al. Daszyńskiego 19;
  • Information point of the Krakow City Hall, plac Wszystkich Świętych 3-4 (All Saints Square 3-4);
  • Department of Social Policy and Health, ul. Dekerta 24, segment B, room 4 or 5;
  • InfoKraków point, os. Zgody 7.

With this new initiative, the Polish city demonstrates that it is committed to helping vulnerable individuals and improving healthcare services.



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