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Krakow offers psychological help to Ukrainians living in the city

Krakow offers psychological help to Ukrainians living in the city

The second-largest Polish city is home to almost 100,000 Ukrainians

Due to the Russian hostilities taking place on the territory of Ukraine, the Crisis Intervention Centre in Krakow has reminded that it is offering psychological assistance to Ukrainian citizens staying in Krakow. Local authorities informed on Friday that people in need of support can benefit from such directly at the headquarters of the Centre (at Radziwiłłowska street 8b) or over the phone, 24/7 (by dialling 12 421 92 82). It is also possible to contact the centre via instant messaging.

Krakow takes care of its Ukrainian community in the time of crisis

A large Ukrainian diaspora lives in Krakow, amounting to almost 100,000 people or close to 80% of all foreigners in the city, according to the city website. That is why the local authorities were quick to respond to the emergency situation with more than symbolic gestures, which fall into a long-term effort to integrate Ukrainians in city life.

The psychological assistance thus is part of the "Open Krakow" program adopted by the City Council five years ago, which also includes translations, Polish language learning, the organisation of integration events, among others. The city also offers help for setting-up a business or implementing economic activity, distributes welcome packages to Ukrainians and many others.

In the current context, Krakow is today opening a point for donations to the Ukrainian city of Lviv. The authorities have yesterday declared support to partner cities in Ukraine and their readiness to accept refugees. As part of the efforts, Krakow is not simply waiting for national authorities to arrange the process of accepting refugees but have mobilisied their own resources.

Moreover, they have called local citizens to inform them on whether they want to accommodate people fleeing the war in the neighbouring country. By doing this, Krakow allows every citizen to show solidarity and real support to the brotherly people of Ukraine in these tough times.



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