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Krakow opens a hotline to support businesses

Krakow opens a hotline to support businesses

Are you confused by the anti-crisis shield? Use the helpline

The government of Poland, like others in Europe, has prepared a crisis response shield to help the recovery of the economy and help businesses, who have suffered hard from the coronavirus-caused social isolation.

However, it has turned out to be quite a challenge for Polish companies to understand how the legislation works. As a consequence, Krakow decided to spare them the Kafkaesque scenario by launching a hotline for a smoother transition through the process.

Specialists helping with the anti-crisis shield

The GUP line allows entrepreneurs and non-governmental organizations to obtain information and guidance on the anti-crisis shield and is meant to support the office's existing communication channels. It is operated by a team of five consultants at the city’s labour office.

By joining the hotline, one can discover who is eligible for support and how funding is granted. Because the anti-crisis shield is a comprehensive law, that has already been amended and describes many complex mechanisms, it is often difficult to reach a specific aid instrument designed for a given group of interested parties. Luckily, Krakow specialists who have deep knowledge about the regulations and their practical application are here to help.

The team has been operating at the Grodzki Employment Office in Kraków since Thursday, 23 April. It is important to note that the specialists will only answer questions about anti-crisis shield solutions. They can be joined found at one of the following numbers:

  • 12 68 68 120
  • 12 68 68 159
  • 12 68 68 161
  • 12 68 68 168
  • 12 68 68 176

A surge in demands for assistance

Since the beginning of this month, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, micro-entrepreneurs and self-employed entrepreneurs, as well as non-governmental organisations have been showing great interest in obtaining assistance, claims the municipal portal.

The demand for information on support offered to companies by the government through the anti-crisis shield is enormous, explains the City of Krakow. This, despite the availability of a Practical Guide to the provision of the financial shield, prepared by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Krakow.

Officials have already received over 11 thousand applications for microloans and over 1,000 applications for co-financing of salary operating costs for companies that recorded a decrease in economic turnover.

Let us hope that by offering tailored support, local businesses will be able to get through the crisis as fast and as smoothly as possible.



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