The new hybrids of Krakow police HQ, Source: Bogusław Świerzowski /

Krakow police get 21 new hybrid vehicles

Krakow police get 21 new hybrid vehicles

The move serves both the city’s security and environmental needs

The Municipal Police Headquarters in Krakow, second-largest city in Poland, was just equipped with 21 new hybrid cars. The official handover of keys took place on Tuesday, 19 January, in front of the City Hall in the presence of Mayor Jacek Majchrowski and the city police commander, Junior Inspector Zbigniew Nowak.

The acquisition is part of a conscientious effort of the city to modernise the security forces operating on its territory while improving air quality.

Cleaner and safer Krakow

The purchase, which was financially supported by the city, comes to testify the city’s commitment to better equip the police force operating in the city. According to the city mayor, hundreds of new vehicles were made available to them for the past two decades.

In total, we have handed over 265 cars, two motorbikes and 40 scooters to the police since 2003. Today's tranche is 21 vehicles, just right for the beginning of 2021. Although the police are part of the government, it performs its functions mainly for residents and for their safety.

In addition to financing the car fleet, we also provide funds for more patrols. We also retrofit individual police stations through the districts” said Majchrowski on Tuesday, as quoted on the city portal.

The new addition to the Krakow police fleet are hybrid Toyota models. They were purchased according to the 50/50 system - half of the necessary amount (PLN 1.1 million or 243 000 euros) was provided by the Krakow City Hall, and the rest by the Police Headquarters.

The city has been supporting the Krakow Police for decades. Every year, the local government provides funds for additional police services, and funds the purchase of preventive materials, exhaust gas analyzers and opacimeters.

However, the purchase comes to contribute to the alleviation of another long-standing issue before the Polish city, related to clean air: “With this purchase, we are trying to combine two issues - help the police, but also our pro-ecological activities, hence the purchase of hybrid vehicles,” continued Mayor Majchrowski.

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