Krnov, Czechia

Krnov attracts tourists with a voucher scheme

Krnov attracts tourists with a voucher scheme

Guests of the city’s hotels will receive free access to cultural sites and recreational facilities

Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, tourist destinations around the world have been thinking of new and creative ways in which they can attract more visitors. Now, the Czech city of Krnov has announced that it will offer vouchers to tourists who stay at least one night in a hotel or guesthouse.

What is the benefit programme?

In a press release, the municipality reports that guests staying in hotels and guesthouses between 1 June and 31 October can receive vouchers that give them free access to cultural sites and recreational facilities. It is important to highlight that visitors must stay at an accommodation establishment that is a part of the city’s benefit programme in order to receive a voucher.

The free activities offered by the vouchers include a free tour of the town hall tower or the exhibition space of the Municipal Museum in Krnov in Flemmich’s villa. In addition to this, they allow guests to visit swimming pools and rent scooters for free.

The head of the city’s development department Monika Vyležíková further explained the programme: “The accommodated person will receive a card with his name and length of stay. The card will contain a QR code and a link to the website of our tourist information centre, where they will find a set of all the benefits that they will be able to use. Each benefit may be used by the visitor only once.”

Previous trial

It must be noted that Krnov tested out this programme during the summer season of 2020. Vyležíková commented on this, noting that the city sought to support accommodation establishments that faced significant losses as a result of the pandemic.

Last year, 13 establishments participated in the programme and 250 vouchers were issued (133 of which were used). According to last year’s findings, tourists were most interested in the swimming pool and the tour of the town hall tower.

Thanks to the vaccine rollout, the digital green certificates, and the city’s benefit programme, Krnov will certainly attract more tourists this summer.



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