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Krnov’s schools inspire students to be creative and innovative

Krnov’s schools inspire students to be creative and innovative

Pupils were given the chance to come up with projects that would improve their life at school

Students in the Czech city of Krnov are being encouraged to make decisions and take on responsibility in an interesting way. More specifically, CZK 100,000 (EUR 3,929.85) were distributed evenly across four elementary schools in the municipality. Subsequently, students were given the opportunity to use these funds to plan a project that would improve their school’s environment and surroundings.

In a press release on 27 May, Krnov Municipality reported that two of the four schools have already taken this opportunity, namely the Dvořák Elementary School and the Žižkov Elementary School.

Relaxation and wellbeing during breaks

Speaking to the City of Krnov, teacher Martina Kopecká from Dvořák's Elementary School commented on this, noting that the students submitted 5 proposals. What is more, 300 students took part in voting for their favourite project.

The project with the highest number of votes was “Relaxation and wellbeing during breaks”. This proposal was submitted by students from the fifth grade, and it entails adding bean bags, footstools, and tables that can be used for relaxation when students do not have classes.

A workout playground

The students of Žižkov Elementary School submitted three proposals and the majority voted for the development of a playground with gym and fitness equipment. To reiterate, CZK 100,000 were distributed between four schools; as such, each school had a budget of CZK 25,000 for the implementation of their project.

Unfortunately, these funds were not sufficient for the playground that was proposed by the students of the Žižkov Elementary School; however, parents and friends announced that they would pitch in to help with the project’s realisation. Now, the students expect to have a fully equipped workout playground by mid-June.

In this way, Krnov’s elementary schools inspire children to be creative and innovative. What is more, they encourage decision-making and teach students how to be responsible.



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