I.C.E – Indisputable Case of Emergency , Source: City of Lahti

Lahti to install artwork depicting the effects of climate change

Lahti to install artwork depicting the effects of climate change

I.C.E – Indisputable Case of Emergency has been created by the European Green Capital Lahti

On 4 August, the European Green Capital Lahti announced that it has created an intricate artwork depicting the alarming consequences of climate change. This artwork, titled I.C.E – Indisputable Case of Emergency, will be erected in Helsinki’s Kansalaistori Square on 6 August where the public will be able to view it until 15 August.

A stark reminder of rising water levels

I.C.E will consist of melting ice structures as the artwork aims to stress the significance of the melting ice poles and rising water levels. In a press release, the City of Lahti explains that the artwork seeks to raise awareness of the fact that rising sea levels threaten to engulf numerous coastal cities by 2050 and 2100. As such, the ice structures will melt, and water will reportedly flow into Kansalaistori Square.

In addition to this, the public will also have access to pavilions and infographics where they will be able to learn about the devastating consequences of climate change. It must be noted that the ultimate aim of I.C.E is not to scare the public but to urge them to take action. As such, they will also be able to learn about Lahti’s green initiatives and climate solutions.

Accompanying music

According to the City of Lahti, a carbon-neutral symphony orchestra will also perform a piece (ICE) as accompanying music. This piece will reportedly begin with the sound of a peaceful harp before it dramatically shifts to chilling roars. In the final seconds, the harp will begin to play and a bell will ring: a wake-up call, reminding the public that there is still time to act and prevent disaster.

Composer Cecilia Damström discussed her music, noting: “The piece shows the threat that climate change and the collapse of ecosystems pose to glaciers that have stood for thousands of years. Underpinning the composition is the Earth’s heartbeat, fighting for survival, and ultimately alarm signals take us back to the moment when it is still not too late to save our planet.”

Cities must take action

Mayor of Lahti Pekka Timonen shared that the fight against climate change requires collective force. Discussing the significant role of cities in this battle, Timonen shared: “The climate is in an undeniable state of emergency. Cities play an important role in halting climate change: the majority of Europeans live in medium-sized cities.

As the Green Capital, Lahti is setting an example towards a more sustainable future by cutting emissions from energy production, transport, housing and other consumption to achieve its carbon-neutrality target for 2025.”



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