Participants will have to adopt sustainable lifestyles

Lahti to study the link between sustainable lifestyles and wellbeing

Lahti to study the link between sustainable lifestyles and wellbeing

It is searching for people who want to take part in the experiment

Last year, the Finnish City of Lahti announced its plans to connect nature and public health. Now, it is looking for residents who wish to take part in an experiment that studies precisely this connection, examining the effects of an environmentally friendly lifestyle on our health.

More specifically, the study seeks to find out whether having a smaller carbon footprint can result in a more stress-free life, whether making green choices can lower one’s blood pressure, and whether leading a sustainable lifestyle can improve our overall wellbeing.

Apply to participate

Those who wish to participate in the experiment can submit their application on the municipal website no later than 22 May. Once the municipality announces the successful applicants, the study will commence.

First, the participants will answer questionnaires about their current lifestyles and make appointments with a planetary health doctor. Then, they will be offered a wellness plan that consists of actions which will aim to improve the participant’s health and decrease their carbon footprint.

In other words, the successful applicants will commit to changing their lifestyles entirely for a period of one month, from June to July. In particular, participants will make changes to the ways in which they exercise and the food they consume.

Who is eligible to take part?

In a press release, the City of Lahti announced that it is looking for people who are currently living in the municipality. These participants can be families with children, young adults, middle-aged individuals/couples, or retired people. The only requirement is for applicants to be in a stable health condition.

To make conclusions about the success of the experiment and whether there is a link between a sustainable lifestyle and wellbeing, researchers will monitor the health of participants before, during, and after its implementation.



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