Dantaxi vehicles at the charging facility, Source: Dantaxi

Largest electric taxi charging hub in Scandinavia opens in Denmark

Largest electric taxi charging hub in Scandinavia opens in Denmark

Danhub will speed up the phasing out of diesel taxis in the Danish capital

The taxi company Dantaxi has worked with the leading operator of chargers E.ON to open the largest electric taxi charging hub in Scandinavia: Danhub. This new facility began operating on 11 May, and it is located in close proximity to both Copenhagen airport and the city centre.

In a press release by Dantaxi, it was reported that the development of Danhub must be seen as a leap towards phasing out the capital’s 1,700 diesel taxis by 2025. Currently, 300 electric taxis are a part of Dantaxi and it is hoped that the company’s last diesel vehicle will be retired in 4 years.

Drivers struggle to find available stations

The company’s commercial director Vibeke Wolfsberg commented on Dantaxi’s current green vehicles and the need for a big charging facility like Danhub: “We have wasted too much time chasing available electricity. Our taxis often drive around for too long without being able to find an available charging station.

This affects the customers and also the owners of private electric cars who find that the electric taxis take up too many public charging stations. The partnership [with E.ON] will benefit the people of Copenhagen, the local community, and the taxi drivers.”

How will Danhub accelerate the phasing out of diesel taxis?

The new charging station will be able to charge up to 400 vehicles per day and it will contain five ultra-fast chargers which will be able to cater to 10 vehicles at once. Dantaxi claims that the station will offer the fastest charging on the market – a feature that is crucial to the taxi industry.

Head of eMobility Pär Möller noted that taxis drive 8 times more than private vehicles; as such, their impact on the environment is 8 times stronger. Taking this further, Möller explained: “That is why the environmental benefit is eight times greater when taxis switch to electricity. This is, of course, the most important thing. A great additional benefit is that we help fight air pollution in the cities when we make our transportation run on electricity.”

For now, only Dantaxi vehicles will be permitted to use the charging facility. If the project proves to be successful, more charging stations will be developed throughout the country.



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