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Larnaca moves ahead with plans for new municipal park

Larnaca moves ahead with plans for new municipal park

The green project worth EUR 1 million is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund

Larnaca Municipality in Cyprus is pressing ahead with its plans for the construction of a new municipal park. Salina Park will spread over a 14,102 sq m overlooked plot in the city centre, around the former residences of the district office and Larnaca police chief, both of them heritage buildings.

A female touch

The new recreational space has been designed by architect Elena Sofianou Olympiou who won the architectural competition announced by Larnaca Municipality last year. The competing projects had to provide for several entertainment zones along with modern solutions in the organization of space.

The winning project envisages construction of a pond, a bridge, a snack bar, and a children’s playground. There will be appropriate infrastructure for people with disabilities, too.

​​“According to the plan, two main entrance gates will be erected. After the main entrance gate on Leonida Kiouppi Street, another one will lead to a palm tree garden and stands which will be positioned amphitheatrically,” Larnaca Mayor Andreas Vyras told the Cyprus News Agency.

Planting new trees while preserving the existing ones

Vyras emphasized that the main purpose of the project is to protect the area through the planting of new trees, removal of hard surfaces such as vehicle lanes and parking places, and scrapping the dual use of the alley as a pedestrian and controlled traffic lane.

Asked about the existing trees in the area, the mayor said that these will remain, and the new additions will be of endemic and native species. Promoting the heritage buildings is also a priority, he added.

Driving job creation

Apart from improving the urban environment and attracting local residents and guests, the new park will help create new jobs, both during its construction and operation, the mayor pointed out.

The project is estimated to cost around EUR 1 million, with part of the funds coming from EU’s European Regional Development Fund.



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