Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Las Palmas is prepared for the high temperatures this weekend

Las Palmas is prepared for the high temperatures this weekend

Oddly enough, the hot weather presents a risk for more Covid-19 infections

The municipal website of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria informed the public today that authorities have taken the weather forecast seriously and prepared a response team to take care of any emergencies that may arise this weekend due to the expected high temperatures. On one hand, the higher temperatures increase the risk of forest fires, but surprisingly they also may contribute to more coronavirus infections because more people will head to the beaches, too.

This summer, vacationers have to be extra vigilant

Following the announcement of extreme temperatures expected for the island this coming weekend, the Municipal Department for Safety and Emergencies (PEMULPA) convened a meeting to decide on a plan in the case a need for urgent action arises. This included the creation of a response team composed of members from the local police force, fire brigade and civil protection volunteers.

Part of this team is expected to reinforce the existing emergency team dealing with ensuring that anti-COVID restriction measures are being followed.

In the words of Josué Íñiguez, the Councillor of Safety and Emergency, there is a need for these response teams to “monitor that all sanitary and safety measures are met on the beaches during a weekend in which a greater influx of people is expected due to the increase in temperatures and, on the other hand, prevent possible fires and provide rapid response, thus minimizing their effects”.

Civil protection volunteers will do preventative activities in the higher areas of the city where fire risks are elevated.

Additionally, the authorities have issued certain recommendations to the citizens. Among them is the advice not to throw matches and cigarette butts or even glass objects, as those last ones can also cause a fire if exposed under direct sunlight. Likewise, it is prohibited to start campfires, except for specially designed places for that purpose.

In general, residents are advised to stay home and avoid doing sports on the beach or outdoor areas.



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