Latvian measures, Source: Latvian Cabinet of Ministers

Latvia joins European trend in strengthening measures

Latvia joins European trend in strengthening measures

These concern the period 21 December to 11 January

Yesterday, 17 December, the Latvian Council of Minsters released an announcement on the additional restrictions to be imposed during the period 21 December 2020 till 11 January 2021, with a view to prevent the possible drastic surge of COVID-19 cases during the holidays.

The argument here is that during the festive period it is a well-known fact that people tend to travel much more, gather with friends and families indoors, all of which factors contribute directly to the spread of airborne infections.

It is better to act proactively, rather than reactively

Unlike other European countries, Latvia is not placing any restrictions on mobility for the time being. The measures that have been announced are mainly aimed at the aspects of the daily life of the citizens.

In general, the idea is to reduce gatherings at indoor public places as much as possible.

That is why schools and universities will continue with online classes, except for students in Grades 1-6, however, those will get to enjoy a longer winter break – until 8 January.

Libraries and museums will remain closed, except for those museums which are open-air. In the cases of the latter, they will have to provide indication and routes that ensures one-way movement of visitors in order to avoid intermingling.

Likewise, sports events and training can only take place outdoors and include no more than 10 people at a time.

The indoor restriction also means that the beauty salon industry, including hairdressers, manicure, etc., will also not be allowed to operate.

As for essential services, the list of stores which can operate has actually been extended. These now include pharmacies, optical good stores, grocery stores, pet stores, flower shops and kiosks. Store management will have to ensure that there is one visitor per 15 square metres of space and no shopping baskets or trolleys will be provided.



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