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Lazio pitches in so tourists can stay a bit longer

Lazio pitches in so tourists can stay a bit longer

The regional government is offering to pay extra hotel nights as an enticement to visitors

On the morning of 25 May, at the Chamber of Commerce of Rome - Sala del Tempio di Adriano, Nicola Zingaretti, President of Lazio Region held a press conference to present a new government incentive designed to attract tourists to the area. Called “MORE NIGHTS, MORE DREAMS” - this measure holds the hopes of the authorities for a successful relaunch of tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic.

In essence, the plan is to offer extra free nights to tourists who have booked lodging at approved establishments anywhere in the region of Lazio. It was described as an innovative measure, worth 10 million euros, and designed and financed by the Regional Council in order to facilitate the arrival and stay of tourists and make the region more competitive on the market.

The summer of 2021 will be the season of creativity in the tourism field

The mechanism to stimulate and encourage the stay of tourists in the accommodation facilities is based on two formulas: the 3 + 1, which provides for an additional night financed by the Region, after at least three consecutive nights in the same facility that have been booked and used; the 5 + 2, which provides for two additional nights always in the same facility financed by the Region, after at least five consecutive nights have been used.

In both cases, the additional night or nights will be charged to the Region and paid to the accommodation facility based on a maximum ceiling established by the type of facility, which will be described in the call for expressions of interest.

The lodging facilities concerned should be hotel or non-hotel business structures throughout the region that must meet the criteria of legality and regularity that will be contained in the resolution and in the call for expression of interest.

It will be possible to book the holidays directly with the participating facilities, which will be available on the website. Visitors will be able to take advantage of the free night/nights starting from the first days of July and until the 10 million euros budgeted have been exhausted.

The Region is also working to ensure, starting from July, the use of places and services of tourist importance with particular attention to the younger generation. Such is the measure dedicated to transport provision for young people aged 16 to 25, holders of the 'Lazio Youth Card', resident or domiciled in Lazio, who from July until the start of the school year, will be able to travel for free on Cotral vehicles and regional trains for 30 days from the activation of the service.



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