Getting married in Lazio, what could be better?

Lazio will pay you 2000 euros to get married there

Lazio will pay you 2000 euros to get married there

An enticing offer that also seeks to support the local wedding industry

Earlier this week, the government of the Italian region of Lazio (which includes the capital Rome) announced that it will offer up to 2,000 euros to couples who opt to get married anywhere on its territory. The offer is available both to national and foreign couples for weddings before 31 December 2022.

Regional authorities have allocated funds of 10 million euros as part of a plan to support companies and services in "the wedding supply chain" whose business has been badly affected by the Covid pandemic. The name of the promotional campaign is “Nel Lazio con amore” (“In Lazio with love”).

Tying the knot – Italian style

Much like a wedding is a celebratory and happy event the campaign itself spreads the idea that this will be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

On the one hand, the couples can have an unforgettable experience – not only because of the variety of romantic spots that the region offers but also in the knowledge that the very region itself has become involved in making their most special moment a reality.

On the other hand, the local small and medium enterprises that make weddings possible can have a moment of relief. And this includes any enterprise ancillary to the wedding industry, such as travel agencies, restaurants and catering, photographers, wedding planners, event companies, wedding dress packages, florists, and personal services.

And in case you think there is a catch, consider the list of expenses eligible for reimbursement:

  • ceremony car rental;
  • purchase of formal dress and accessories (groom or bride);
  • floral arrangement;
  • catering and restaurant services (maximum 700 euros);
  • personal services related to the wedding day, such as hairstyle and make-up;
  • honeymoon (maximum 700 euros);
  • rental of rooms and locations for ceremonies and banquets;
  • video shooting and photographic book services;
  • animation, entertainment, show services;
  • wedding planner service;
  • purchase of wedding rings;
  • printing of invitations.

So, if tying the knot in Italy has always been your or your beloved’s dream, hurry up and submit an online application. The application, complete with all the data required, must be prepared and presented, under penalty of exclusion, through the digital counter available on this link.



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