Liberec wants to save lives and avoid significant damage caused by floods

Liberec will strengthen its flood warning system

Liberec will strengthen its flood warning system

This decision was prompted by the floods seen in Europe last month

This summer, countries all over Europe have experienced the alarming consequences of climate change; that is, extreme temperatures, floods, and fires have devastated countless European cities. With this in mind, the Czech City of Liberec will now install new equipment to strengthen its flood warning system and ensure the safety of its residents.

The municipality will spend CZK 9 million (EUR 354,137) for the installation of over 100 new detectors, 9 electronic sirens, and 4 sensors for monitoring water levels. 70 percent of this cost will be subsidised by the Czech Ministry of Environment, reported the City of Liberec.

How will this benefit the city and its residents?

Mayor of Liberec Jaroslav Zámečník discussed the need for the system’s upgrade, explaining that the recent floods in Germany have acted as a wake-up call to the city administration. More specifically, he revealed that various German networks had allegedly failed during the large-scale floods. As a result, residents of several municipalities had not been warned and were, therefore, unable to evacuate.

Strengthening the warning and information system in the city will warn the Integrated Rescue System (IRS) and the public if they are faced with threats such as floods. Moreover, the modern sirens will enable volunteer firefighters to mobilise themselves more rapidly than before. Similarly, local authorities and the IRS will be able to alert residents more quickly. In turn, significant damage can be avoided and lives can be saved.

Technicians will install the new equipment near shopping centres, sports grounds, schools, and other areas where large groups of people gather. In addition to this, level sensors will also be installed on watercourses near the river Nisa. Highlighting the importance of an upgraded warning system, Mayor Zámečník highlighted: “Safety and protection of lives and the health of the citizens of our city are our priorities.”



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