Liepaja promotes exact sciences among students

Liepaja promotes exact sciences among students

The municipality is implementing a new programme called “Mathematics 200” in four local schools

The Latvian city of Liepaja has begun implementing a brand-new programme called “Mathematics 200” in four local schools. The goal of the initiative is to promote exact sciences with a special focus on – you guessed it – mathematics.

The programme is directed towards children in the 5th grade or lower and emphasizes the need to make the subject interesting. To that end, the municipality has invested 85,000 euros in the purchase of all the necessary equipment required for the carrying out of high-tech classes and in the special preparation of school teachers who were able to enhance their skills and improve their teaching methods over the holidays.

“In total, there are 128 tablets purchased, four tablet charging cabinets, and three interactive whiteboards, or more precisely, screens," said Kristine Niedre-Lathere, head of the Liepaja Education Board, as quoted by

Using technology to improve education

According to representatives of the local government, while the hardware is great and will certainly help the students in their studies, the teachers are also in need of a helping hand. Kristine Niedre-Lathere further stated that there might be a need for teaching assistants as a single teacher can’t possibly be able to help every individual member of a class.

The use of high-tech gadgets is proving to be a hit among students. And while they are finding it fun, the local government believes that it is vital to keep our eyes on the objective – using the newly purchased tablets to actually learn and study.

Currently, the “Mathematics 200” project is in its pilot phase – tested to see whether it is being implemented successfully. It is currently being carried out in one primary school and three secondary schools. If the practice proves successful and leads to improved results among students, it is very likely to be expanded in other educational institutions.



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