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Limassol enters final stretch in upgrading its neighbourhoods

Limassol enters final stretch in upgrading its neighbourhoods

Two of the city’s largest districts will be made greener, healthier and more pleasant to live in

The final countdown to upgrading the neighbourhoods in Limassol has begun. After the announcement of offers for the project of the Environmental Neighborhood in the district of Omonia, the offers for the second Environmental Neighborhood in Agios Spyridonas - Zakaki were announced last Friday. This is a project with a total budget of 2.6 million euros, the construction of which will begin within the current year and drives forward the local government’s goal of transforming the city into a better, cleaner and healthier version of itself.

Greening the city, one neighbourhood at a time

During the presentation of the project, the mayor of Limassol, Nikos Nikolaidis, stressed that upgrading the quality of life in the neighbourhoods is a priority in order to spread balanced and dynamic development in the major region to give breath and colour to the big neighbourhoods.

As mentioned in the presentation of the works by the designers, the environmental upgrades will include sidewalks, parking lots, gathering places, tree planting, urban equipment, etc. Landscaping of environmentally friendly roads for the disabled will also be conducted as part of the project.

It was also pointed out that the basic principle of planning is to give priority to the needs of the inhabitants, by creating small gathering places, providing safe use of the road network by all users, traffic management and street signalling (one-way lanes, parking spaces, parking, bus stops, low-speed limit, etc., increasing greenery with tree planting and placing of additional urban equipment (car obstacles, benches, garbage cans).

In both Environmental Neighborhoods where the bids have been announced, the local greenery will be both maintained and strengthened, while trees will be planted on all sidewalks 2.5 meters wide or larger. Smaller trees will also be planted on narrower sidewalks and it is estimated that more than 500 trees will be planted in each neighbourhood by project’s end.

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