Teamwork is needed on a communal level

Linköping eyes climate-neutral status by 2025

Linköping eyes climate-neutral status by 2025

Local authorities believe this is possible to achieve if all societal sectors pitch in

Linköping Municipality's goal is to become carbon neutral by 2025. The business community is responsible for a large part of the carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere - but also for many of the solutions to environmental problems. Therefore, the municipal companies and the rest of the business community's climate work play an important role. But citizens can also make a difference.

For that reason, the municipal authorities of the Swedish city have launched a new promotional campaign, which asks: “The Linköping initiative is working for a carbon-neutral Linköping in 2025. Are you also involved?" After all, the climate is something that affects all of us, and the same should go for efforts to mitigate its changes.

Collaboration as a society is an essential prerequisite

The Linköping initiative is a climate network where large energy-consuming organizations in the municipality jointly gather strength to combat the climate challenges that Linköping and the outside world face.

Since its start in 2018, the network has had a strong focus on the energy issue, but later a holistic focus has also been developed to include transport and material flows. The network also has contact with external actors, such as academic institutions, industry organizations, relevant authorities and the like.

During the past year, the network's members (including private and municipal companies) have worked to achieve the goal in various ways. These have been described in the annual summary released before the summer. 

For example, Tekniska verken's first wind farm is in operation, Saab has created a climate fund where funds are allocated from each flight of its aircraft. Sankt Kors, a local company promoting the development of start-ups, has started its first wooden house project.

There is no one who can solve the great climate challenge himself. Collaboration is not only a success factor but also a prerequisite for this. The Linköping initiative is a fantastic opportunity where committed members are helped to get ahead on the climate issue,” explained Erika Weddfelt, environmental strategist at Linköping municipality.



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