The Roligheten building will be wedged under the park, Source: Linköping Municipality

Linköping is making its newest park on the roof of this building

Linköping is making its newest park on the roof of this building

The concept is to create an undulating green space, a bit like a flying carpet

Once ready, Manilla Park will become the Swedish city of Linköping’s latest park. The kick here is that it will be partially placed on the roof of a building, sloping gently downwards to the ground creating an undulating landscape, to resemble a “flying carpet” in the words of its designers – Mareld landscape architects.

Behind the new development in the Ebbepark neighbourhood of the city are the municipally owned companies Sankt Kors, Stångåstaden and Lejonfastigheter. Apart from its shape, the design will also feature paths, stairs and plantings in a way that also resembles the patterns of a carpet.

No playground section since the entire feel is playful

The area will also have an open grass area with space for activities. As the park undulates, it may function as a toboggan run in the winter. Along one of the sides, there will be more vegetation with larger trees, shrubs and perennials. There must also be places where visitors can sit and eat.

We also hope that people will work there. And families with children can be here. There won't be a playground, but the design is playful. The park will be a jewel that many can see from the top of the surrounding houses,” says Linda Moström, landscape architect at the Linköping Municipality.

Manilla Park is being created from scratch in a place where there has not been a park before. Linda Moström believes that it provides special conditions, compared to when an existing park is upgraded.

She adds: “If there is an existing structure, there is often a history behind it that we need to deal with. Someone has thought before. And sometimes we work in areas that already have natural vegetation, where we will incorporate natural land into the park. Then it is often these conditions that inspire.”

The park is expected to be ready in October 2023.



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