Cavok District visualization, Source: Linköping Municipality

Linköping’s new tech park starts taking shape

Linköping’s new tech park starts taking shape

Cavok District is named after an aviation term

On Monday, 28 September, the municipal website of the fifth-largest city in Sweden, Linköping, announced that the first building of its new technological park called Cavok District has been completed and is already open to host companies. The park is located near the city airport and will specialize in research and development in the field of advanced materials. When fully completed is expected to provide 20 000 jobs.

Advanced materials are those that have unique or enhanced properties and may benefit tech innovation

The name of the new tech park may seem odd for those who are unfamiliar with aviation. CAVOK is a term used by pilots which means “Ceiling And Visibility are OK” referring to clear weather and visibility. It is pronounced as “kav-okay”.

The location for the tech park is not random, as it is close to many aerospace companies and hubs, motorways and train connections, even if right now its only completed building’s nearest neighbour is a farm barn.

The new building in question is called IMA One and it was officially unveiled last Friday. Its name stands for Innovative Materials Arena and it represents a node in the network of companies and stakeholders involved in the development of advanced materials.

Although the rest of the park is still under construction, IMA One has opened its gates and its 5000 square metres and 3 floors of space for large and small companies and start-ups that want to take advantage of its facilities and contribute to the development of advanced materials.

In fact, the first occupant has already moved in with its 17 employees. This is Faurecia Creo AB, a company working in the field of aerodynamics and acoustics.

The development of the Cavok District has been entrusted to Sankt Kors, a municipally-owned enterprise.



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