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Linköping will expand according to the wishes of its residents

Linköping will expand according to the wishes of its residents

In May, the municipality will present a Development Plan

The administration of Linköping, in Sweden, announced that between 20 May and 29 August 2021 they will exhibit a Development Plan for the city’s suburbs so that residents will have an ample chance to see it, analyze it and comment on it. The idea is to have a more democratic approach towards development, with the authorities also promising sustainability as a key factor in it.

This plan is already an update of a 2019 proposal

Studies have shown that the population of the Swedish city is expected to increase by nearly 90,000 people in the next four decades. This growth means an acute need for more housing, social places and other premises, as well as a better range in transport services.

This is where the Development Plan comes, having already been introduced back in 2019 for comments and critique. The 2021 version reflects the consideration that has been taken following the citizen’s ideas and needs.

It is fantastic to see how committed the people of Linköping are to the development of the suburbs. We received around 100 comments on the proposal during the consultation period and have now developed the proposal based on these. I look forward to following the development of the suburbs,” said Muharrem Demirok (C), a municipal councillor with responsibility for environmental and community-building issues.

The proposal focuses on the existing city and deals with certain issues that are missing in the general plan for the city of Linköping. Important themes in the new proposal are the city's urban qualities, social cohesion, sustainable development and commercial and public services.

The fact that the new buildings are concentrated in selected locations provides better opportunities to renew and develop the suburb's important green areas and natural resources. The proposal also means that the city's street network and traffic system are developed for more flexible and sustainable use. 

Street networks and traffic systems will be adapted for more types of vehicles, which contributes to better opportunities to travel with sustainable means of transport. It will also be easier to switch between different means of transport during the journey, for example from bicycle to bus.



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